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Be the first to explore human fetal retina atlas in single-cell resolution

We think that understanding retina development is important knowledge in solving multiple questions in the fields of transplantation, disease progression, and it is simply cool to know that itself. Last year our lab has been actively working towards building the new tool for the community. Today, we are happy to present our Atlas, version 1, that includes ~108k cells from fetal weeks 8 to 27, in the web-browser interactive format.

This atlas is a part of a bigger project Jon and Emil were working closely from wet and dry parts, respectively.

We plan to provide long-term support for the atlas (5 years) to increase the resolution and apply multiple downstream methods. For now, we provide the timepoint/cell class regulons, transcriptional motifs, and cell-cell interactions maps upon request.
We are open and happy to potential contributions of fetal retina material for sequencing, or sequencing data itself. Feel free to reach out!